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Since I mainly live in Toronto my family out in the boonies will ask me to help them with buying presents. After just spending two months living in the country I was reminded as to how hard it was to get anything. The closest big grocery store is 25 minutes away and my beloved HomeSense is 45 minutes. I am really spoiled living in the big city having the convenience of 24 grocery stores and malls 5 minutes from my condo.

As I was touring around one of my favourite outlet malls looking for gifts I ventured into Tommy Hilfiger. I am not a huge fan of his stuff but at this particular outlet store I have great luck. This time I was not shopping for myself though I was looking for gifts. Before when I was single I would buy a gift for my brother and then buy a gift for me … buy a gift for my mom and buy another gift for me. Of course this is when you find the best deals when you are shopping for someone else. And it didn’t matter I had just my family and myself to buy for.

But now after being in a relationship for the past year it takes Christmas to a whole new level not only do I have another family to share the holidays with but I also have to buy more gifts especially for my beau. Last year I got away with one gift for him but not this year now it’s about having a pile of gifts under the tree, waking up on Christmas morning together with over-flowing stockings. My budget did not allow for the “buy one buy one for yourself deal”.

Of course I see the perfect casual dark teal satin-ish dress for me. Perfect to pair with tights and knee high boots and my nice wide black leather belt I bought there last summer. I did not see the gift I was looking for but I did see some for me. I carried the dress around on my arm while I checked out the rest of the store. Keep in mind this dress was only $20 bucks super cheap but again it was not in my budget. I had another Christmas dinner to think about which equals more booze more food more desserts and more booze.

With a major fight with my inner self and onlookers thinking I was crazy as I put the dress back and picked it up again. I finally put the dress down and quickly left the store. I thought hey maybe ill get some money from Santa and ill pick it up after the Holidays? Of course at that price it just might be gone.

I may not have a nice shiny new dress to wear to Christmas but I do have a nice shiny new extended family to share the Holidays with. I would trade all the clothes in the world for them☺

PS. Santa here’s a link to the dress size medium and it’s cheaper at the outlet store (and is more teal in person) … hopefully your sleigh can fit in the parking lot. Erin's Little Teal Dress



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